Cloudera Enterprise 5.10 is Now Available

Cloudera is proud to announce that Cloudera Enterprise 5.10 is now generally available (GA). The highlights of this release include the GA of the new columnar storage engine Apache Kudu, improved cloud performance and cost-optimizations, and cloud-native data governance for Amazon S3.

As usual, there are also a number of quality enhancements and bug fixes (learn more about our multi-dimensional hardening/QA process) and other improvements across the stack. Here is a partial list of what’s included (see the Release Notes for a full list):

  • GA of Apache Kudu – Unleash Cloudera’s new storage engine to enable fast analytics on fast changing data with the first generally available release of Kudu. Kudu is purpose-built to enable use cases for time series data, machine data analytics, and online reporting—as part of a complete analytic or operational database.
  • Improved Cloud Performance – Run Cloudera workloads on public cloud infrastructure more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. Specific enhancements in this release include:
    • Deploying new clusters in cloud environments faster using Cloudera Director
    • Running transient batch processing jobs up to 2x faster compared to previous releases.
    • Reducing AWS instance costs by leveraging Amazon Spot Block instances.
  • Big Data Governance for the Hybrid Cloud – Cloudera Navigator now provides cataloging, metadata management, and comprehensive lineage for data in Amazon S3, making it the only big data management and governance solution for data stored on-premise and in the cloud. This release also includes policy-based business metadata assignment and validation, major performance optimizations, and a refreshed look-and-feel for increased data stewardship productivity.
  • Expanded Recommendations for Active Data Optimization Cloudera Navigator Optimizer now provides expanded recommendations and risk alerts, making it even easier for architects and DBAs to understand, migrate, and manage workloads on Hadoop.
  • Added Efficiencies and Design Assistance for SQL Developers – Increase SQL developer productivity with the latest version of Hue, which provides improved exploration and table sampling (including over Amazon S3), better support for viewing and interacting with Parquet files, and faster loading of documents.
  • Continued Security & Compliance Improvements – Increase overall platform and application security and compliance by taking advantage of new cloud access key management controls, Kafka authorization via Sentry, and new data encryption techniques.

The full contents of this release include:

  • Cloudera Enterprise 5.10 (comprising CDH 5.10, Cloudera Manager 5.10, and Cloudera Navigator 2.9)
  • Cloudera Director 2.3
  • Cloudera Navigator Optimizer Updates
  • Kafka 2.1
  • Kudu 1.2

Over the next few weeks, we’ll publish blog posts that cover some of these features in detail. In the meantime:

As always, we value your feedback; please provide any comments and suggestions through our community forums. You can also file bugs via


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